The TEN 8 Training Center is home to all resident TEN 8 Tactics Programs.


The TEN 8 Training Center is located on 68+ acres in Calhoun County Florida and provides realistic programs/courses that emphasize training as close to the operational environment as is tactically safe with direct emphasis upon live-fire application of all relative tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) 


The TEN 8 Training Center is designed as a "Turn Key" type Facility using a variety of Operational Models that include:

  • Providing Training Programs for attendance by a myriad of Customers (Professional and Civilian)

  • Providing Exercise Facilitation for a myriad of Customers (Professional and Civilian)

  • Provide Lease opportunities with our Staff as Oversight and Support

  • Provide Lease opportunities with our Staff Training Presentation/Advisory Assistance

The TEN 8 Training Center, through land use agreement-lease options, also has access to more than 3000 acres of varied terrain that allows for offsite training options as required (this includes access to the Apalachicola and Chipola Rivers).


THE Compound

The Facility compound provides lodging, messing, storage and classroom support to program attendees as well as personnel/organizations leasing training areas-ranges and/or infrastructure.  


The Compound includes:


  • Indoor and Outdoor Classrooms

  • (6) Five-Six Person Open Bay Cabins

  • (2) Two-Person VIP Cabins w/Shower-Bathroom Facilities

  • Cafeteria Building w/Bathrooms and Satellite TV

  • Bathroom-Shower Building

  • Washer-Dryer Annex

  • Operations/TOC Building

  • Equipment Storage Building

  • Armory-Ammunition Storage

  • Refrigerator-Freezer-Coffee Maker-Microwave support as required

  • Catered Meal capability when/if required


Range Complexes

The Range Complexes fall within 68+ acres of training areas onsite with additional live fire application areas offsite.  There are (5) Key Range complexes within the Facility:


  • Range #1 --- 25+ yard-180 degree shooting/Small Arms 

  • Range #2 --- 150 x 90 yard, 360° shooting/Small Arms

  • Range #3 --- 600 yard-Precision Weapon (Rifle) System/Small Arms

  • Range #4/Pending --- 50 x 50 yard-180 degree shooting-Combat Water Survival with firing while in the water capability/Small Arms

  • Access to varied Steel Reactive Targets for all Ranges


In addition The Facility has multiple maneuver areas (foot-vehicular) that provide a wide variety of scenario applications. to include entry through advanced level land navigation (foot and/or vehicle).   


CQB Complex

The Live Fire Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Facility includes:   


  • Multiple Rooms (Standard and Odd Shaped)

  • Multiple Story

  • Bullet Containment within all perimeter/interior walls (AR-500 Steel-.5”)

  • (2) Observation Catwalks

  • (6) External Entry Points (Doors)

  • (4) External Entry Points (Windows)

  • (2) External Stairways

  • (1) Internal Stairway

  • (3) Interior Primary Entry Points

  • (4) Hallways w/Intersections

  • Mechanical-Ballistic-Explosive Breaching capable

  • Precision Rifle engagement capable during Foot-Vehicle approaches

  • Located within Range #2, thus providing 360° Open Air Engagement capability

  • Adjacent Barrier(s) for Open-Air Breaching during CQB approaches

  • CQB Training Supply Storage Building


TMOEB/Breaching Complex

The Tactical Methods of Entry/Breaching Facilities includes: 


  • Light-Heavy Mechanical Breaching capable

  • Ballistic Breaching capable

  • Explosive Breaching capable (10 lbs maximum)

  • Multiple Door/Window Breaching Bay

  • Masonry-Wood Wall Breaching Bay

  • Cable-Chain-Fence-Steel Cutting Breaching Bay

  • Vehicle Breaching Bay

  • Explosive Entry Breaching Frame (For Doors)

  • Multiple Obstacle-Barrier Breaching Obstacle Course

  • 60' Steel Breaching Supply Storage Connex


Maneuver Training Areas

The Maneuver Facilities includes:   


Multiple Patrolling-Stalking Areas w/Live Fire capability

Multiple Driving Lanes-Courses w/Live Fire capability (Improved-Unimproved)

(3) Live Fire capable Foot Movement "Jungle Lanes"

Multiple Human/K9 Tracking areas w/Live Fire capability

Multiple Foot-Vehicular Land Navigation Lanes-Courses

5K Obstacle Course (42+ Obstacles) w/Live Fire capability

Access to varied Steel Reactive Targets