The TEN 8 Training Center is home to all resident TEN 8 Tactics Programs.


The TEN 8 Training Center is located on roughly 70 acres in a densely forested area of Calhoun County Florida and provides an environment that enables realistic programs/courses emphasizing training as close to the operational environment as is tactically safe with direct emphasis upon live-fire application of all relative tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs)


The TEN 8 Training Center is designed to provide a variety of operational models for military and law enforcement organizations, including:


  • Leasing the facility with our staff providing support and your instructors delivering your training

  • Providing Custom or Standardized Training programs designed and delivered by our staff for your teams

  • Facilitation or co-facilitation of scenario-based exercises

  • Short duration engagements (1-day to 1 week) or long-duration engagements (1 week to several months or more).

  • Capacity for 30 trainers, instructors, and support personnel.

  • Access for landing/departure of vertical lift aircraft.


THE Compound

The facility compound provides lodging, messing, storage, and classroom support to program attendees as well as personnel/organizations leasing training areas-ranges and/or infrastructure.  


The Compound includes:


  • Indoor and Outdoor Classrooms

  • (6) Five-Six Person Open Bay Cabins

  • (2) Two-Person VIP Cabins w/Shower-Bathroom Facilities

  • Cafeteria Building w/Bathrooms and Satellite TV

  • Bathroom-Shower Building

  • Washer-Dryer Annex

  • Operations/TOC Building

  • Equipment Storage Building

  • Armory-Ammunition Storage

  • Refrigerator-Freezer-Coffee Maker-Microwave support as required

  • Catered Meal capability when/if required


Range Complexes

The Range Complexes fall within roughly 70 acres of training areas onsite with additional live-fire application areas offsite.  There are (5) Key Range complexes within the Facility:


  • Range #1 --- 25+ yard-180 degree shooting/Small Arms 

  • Range #2 --- 150 x 90 yard, 360° shooting/Small Arms

  • Range #3 --- 600 yard-Precision Weapon (Rifle) System/Small Arms

  • Range #4/Pending --- 50 x 50 yard-180 degree shooting-Combat Water Survival with firing while in the water capability/Small Arms

  • Access to varied Steel Reactive Targets for all Ranges


In addition, the facility has multiple maneuver areas (foot-vehicular) that provide a wide variety of scenario applications. to include entry through advanced level land navigation (foot and/or vehicle).   


CQB Complex

The Live-Fire Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Facility includes:   


  • Multiple Rooms (Standard and Odd Shaped)

  • Moveable Walls for providing scenario variety

  • Multiple Story

  • Bullet Containment within all perimeter/interior walls (AR-500 Steel-.5”)

  • (2) Observation Catwalks

  • (6) External Entry Points (Doors)

  • (4) External Entry Points (Windows)

  • (2) External Stairways

  • (1) Internal Stairway

  • (3) Interior Primary Entry Points

  • (4) Hallways w/Intersections

  • Mechanical-Ballistic-Explosive Breaching capable

  • Precision Rifle engagement capable during Foot-Vehicle approaches

  • Located within Range #2, thus providing 360° Open Air Engagement capability

  • Adjacent Barrier(s) for Open-Air Breaching during CQB approaches

  • CQB Training Supply Storage Building


TMOEB/Breaching Complex

The Tactical Methods of Entry/Breaching Facilities includes: 


  • Light-Heavy Mechanical Breaching capable

  • Ballistic Breaching capable

  • Explosive Breaching capable (10 lbs maximum)

  • Multiple Door/Window Breaching Bay

  • Masonry-Wood Wall Breaching Bay

  • Cable-Chain-Fence-Steel Cutting Breaching Bay

  • Vehicle Breaching Bay

  • Explosive Entry Breaching Frame (For Doors)

  • Multiple Obstacle-Barrier Breaching Obstacle Course

  • 60' Steel Breaching Supply Storage Connex


Maneuver Training Areas

The Maneuver Facilities includes:   


Multiple Patrolling-Stalking Areas w/Live Fire capability

Multiple Driving Lanes-Courses w/Live Fire capability (Improved-Unimproved)

(3) Live Fire capable Foot Movement "Jungle Lanes"

Multiple Human/K9 Tracking areas w/Live Fire capability

Multiple Foot-Vehicular Land Navigation Lanes-Courses

5K Obstacle Course (42+ Obstacles) w/Live Fire capability

Access to varied Steel Reactive Targets