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Richard Biss

Master Instructor

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Richard’s career accomplishments reflect his character. He is dedicated to excellence in all he does, he cares about the success of his clients, and he makes time to stay well-informed about the subject matter he teaches. 


Richard has over 30 years of supervisory and instructor experience in law enforcement and corrections, highlighted by the following:

  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement

    • Certified Instructor (1987 – Present)

    • Certified Range Master / Firearms Instructor (1991 – Present)

    • Certified Law Enforcement Officer – 10 years

  • Florida Department of Corrections– 27 years

    • Employed in all ranks from entry-level correctional officer to Assistant Warden

    • Supervisor - 22 years at seven Institutions 

    • Regional Staff Development and Training Manager

    • S.W.A.T. Team Leader and Instructor - Correctional Emergency Response Team

    • Certified First Responder

  • Lake City and Chipola Community Colleges

    • Instructor for Law Enforcement and Corrections basic and advanced courses.  

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons Correctional Officer

  • Skilled in communication, organizational leadership, and conflict resolution

  • Experienced Role Player for Military and Law enforcement (OPFOR) exercises


Currently, as Master Instructor for TEN 8 Tactics, Richard is guiding the development and implementation of training for law enforcement, corrections, private security firms, military, and citizens.  He is also responsible for the design and construction of our state-of-the-art Special Operations Training Facility located in Altha, Florida.  These enhancements provide realistic training for all disciplines.   



  • Developed and implemented a tactical transition program within the Florida Department of Corrections Special Response Units which was adopted and implemented on a statewide basis.  This program included Shield formations, Shield techniques, and extensive CQB/entry tactics, techniques and procedures.  


  • Developed and implemented specialized Key Control system/procedures within the Florida Department of Corrections which was adopted and implemented at the state level.


  • Served as an Auditor for the Florida Department of Corrections; tasked with reviewing all procedures and practices to ensure compliance and developing corrective action and follow-up reviews for noncompliant standards.


  • Assisted in the development and implementation of specialized personnel assessment and selection programs within the law enforcement and corrections special operations community. These intensive programs were designed to ultimately aid in the selection of the “right” personnel for law enforcement organizations.


  • Assisted in the development and implementation of a cutting-edge systematic approach to teaching and advising room/area combat (Disorder Close Quarters Battle-DCQB/Close Quarters Battle-CQB) and all relevant tactics, techniques, and procedures. The system is based on the team’s levels of proficiency.  It is designed to ensure that the very best tactics, techniques, and procedures are presented to the operator based upon skill levels and expertise.  


  • Formerly an advisor/instructor for the following tactical training companies:

    • Special Operations Training and Tactics- Int’l (SOTT-I)

    • Kratos Special Operations Training Services – G

    • Training at the Speed of Real (TATSOR Group).

For these companies, Richard was a member of their special operations training and advisory teams dedicated to the development of Law Enforcement and Corrections doctrine and respective programs of instruction. 


  • As an advisor/instructor for SOTT-I Richard was the lead instructor on the tactical response team for the Massachusetts Department of Correction Special Operations Division.  He was also responsible for course instruction and validation of personnel/units.   


  • Team member, element leader, and lead trainer within a variety of Florida Department of Corrections Special Operations Teams. 


  • International Church Mission Team Leader to Nicaragua, with other trips to Haiti and Ecuador – nine trips as the leader, and two as a member.  Also served as security advisor to other mission teams. 


  • Employed by Military Special Operations Units and private contractors as a Role Play Specialist.  Participated in several unique training scenarios from 2012 to present. 



  • Tactical Planning

  • Tactical Marksmanship/Firearms

  • Tactical Methods of Entry (Disorder CQB and CQB)

  • Weapon Retention-Officer Survival

  • Small Unit Tactics/Patrolling

  • Patrol Officer Tactics (High-Risk Threat-Active Shooter Response)

  • High-Risk Transportation Operations

  • Corrections Special Operations

  • Less Lethal Applications/Operation

  • Active Assailant-Shooter Operations



  • Tactical Team (SWAT) Instructor

  • Florida Emergency Management Institute:

    • National Incident Management System (NIMS)

    • Introduction to the Incident Command System

  • The Florida Department of Corrections Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Training:

    • Special Operations and Tactics

    • Instructor Certification

    • Defensive Tactics (DT)

    • Field Training Officer Law Enforcement & Corrections

    • Forced Cell Extraction – Train the Trainer

    • M.A.C.E. (Managing Aggressive and Combative Elements) Level 1&2 Training, Impulse Control / Self-Management & Interpersonal Human Behavior

    • First Responder Instructor

    • Smith and Wesson Academy, Chemical Munitions Instructor

    • Defense Technology Training Academy, Chemical Munitions Instructor

    • First Responder to Medical Emergencies

  • Certified Firefighter



  • Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year                                2015

  • Voted best instructor (by students) during Corrections Academy,                           2000

       Lake City Community College                                                   

  • Florida Department of Corrections, Correctional Officer of the Year           1986 & 1988

  • Outstanding service to Community as Police Officer                                                   1994         

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons Top-Gun Award, Highest Level of Proficiency                1994

      in Firearms

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