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The benefits for the agency/unit
utilizing our services include…


Our Knowledge and Experience

Our team has decades for real-world first-hand experience. We're not weekend warriors or "YouTube" trained. It's not about "show", it's about real training to take you and your team members to the next level of proficiency. 


Our Vast Scope of Services

Our Instructors come from a wide-list of disciplines and expertise which allows TEN 8 Tactics to offer a vast scope of services. From basic fundamental skills reinforcement like our very popular Patrol Officer courses and our Breaching courses to more advanced training like Crisis/Hostage Negotiating, to Medic/Rescue, Sniper, and Tactical Leadership. 


Our Flexibility

Our clients appreciate our flexibility in training locations. Through our Mobile Team Training (MTT) we have the ability to train/teach at a client's location (if applicable), through a host site, or at our ~68 acre live-fire training facility. This flexibility gives our clients local opportunities as well as large-scale team training for maximum expertise potential.


Realistic Training Tailored to the Operational Environment

Our programs never fall prey to the commonplace "risk aversion" concept of training seen regularly in the training world. Instead, our programs are cutting edge and conducted as close to the "live operational environment" as is possible via "live-fire TTP validation." We utilize in-depth risk analysis and management to provide risk mitigation without "choreographing" training. The result is the most realistic "tactically safe" training conducted in the world today. Training designed towards preparing personnel and organizations for the "worst-case scenarios" that could possibly be faced.


Our Training Management System (TMS)

Our Training Management System (TMS) fills a void regarding teaching individual, sub-unit and collective skill levels within an organization. The system is designed to teach entry-basic level skills that create the foundation from which true training and operational progression occur. Upon creation of that foundation those entry-basic level skills sets are sustained and validated on a regular basis with their execution becoming nearly flawless within varied environments and situations. The TEN 8 Tactics training philosophy is preparation for the worst-case scenario that could possibly be faced. In other words training for the highest common denominator with an ability to take a step back-down when the threat level is not as elevated.

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Not only can we help with your team's tactical skills, but we also offer a variety of team-building options. If you truly want to take your team to the next level, you can view our mild-to-extreme options via our Corporate Training sister site by clicking here to view.

Need more? Here are "10 Reasons Our Clients Love Us"

Additionally, we have two sister sites where you can view additional training:

  • TEN 8 Business - specializing in Leadership/Key Employee training and Corporate Retreats.

  • TEN 8 Citizen - specializing in home/self-defense tactical training, club members target shooting, survival training, Tough Mudder, and more!

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